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31 January 2006 @ 06:46 pm
multi-female-fandom icons!  
10 icons! yippee! kind of a mixed bunch, since these are from over a while. both different styles and different people. decided to group them all together anyway. they include;

-sarah michelle gellar x 6
-christina ricci x 2
-shirley manson x 2

+ a few alts.

SMG : slayer siren christina : femme noire shirley : japan pop!

1. SMG : queen of hearts 2. SMG : fairytale 3. SMG : angelic 4. SMG : femme fatale 5. SMG : sick and beautiful 6. SMG : slayer siren

7. christina : american geisha 8. christina : femme noire

9. garbage : why do you love me 10. shirley : japan pop!

and a few alternative copies
alt. 2 SMG : fairytale 2 alt. 7 christina : american geisha 2

x-posted all over

these are a really mixed bunch of experimentation. one was an experiment on a girlie but at the same time grungier style than i'm used to. that's probably why i'm not so sure i like it much. i thought i had an alternative version of it that i liked better as well, but i couldn't find it. two experiments with text, though, it actually ended up looking pretty generic. three focused on both cropping and a lighting. i tried to get a sorta metallic effect on the whole thing. four and five are based on black and white images and playing around with color on a monochrome base. i really like both. and well, six i made a few months ago and it's pretty standard.

i really like the christinas. i might make a whole set of dark and gloomy christinas, but these i just made today, so it's all i have for now. on eight i focused on a modern film noir kinda feeling. the make up i added and nails are definitely modern, but i think the over all feeling of the image is a little more old time.

the shirleys are reaally different. nine was made out of a bigger graphic i made and it obviously didn't work as well in icon size. the idea behind it was modern with a rock edge. number ten i do like. it was experiment on use of different textures and colors than what i'm used to, abandoning that polished, refined look for funky cool. i really like the colors and the over all feel of it. plus the pic of shirley is to die for!

2. features lyrics by tori amos - a sorta fairytale and 5. by artificial joy club - sick & beautiful.
the christina pictures are originally from c-ricci and most of the SMG pictures came from salvation.
other resources can be found here.

remember - credit, comment and don't hotlink or modify! otherwise, enjoy!
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AmazonSun: BUFFY-Smileamazonsun on January 31st, 2006 11:42 pm (UTC)
Nice. Snagged #4.
seductiondesignseductiondesign on February 1st, 2006 02:50 pm (UTC)
thanks! glad you liked it.