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25 January 2006 @ 01:07 am
coming events  
i have a slew of stuff on my computer in different stages of readiness.
so the coming posts will hopefully include -

  • sarah michelle gellar icons
    (i never realized how many i make!)
  • disney icons
    (waiting for a community approval)
  • zelda - ocarina of time icons
    (i hate the promo art, but the game is my favorite ever!)
  • ayu icons
    (i have a slew of great images on my laptop but i'm too lazy to trasfer them)
  • gwen stefani icons
    (really wanted some music video icons of her, but i can only find really crap quality caps)
  • wow icons
    (i'm at a loss with what to do with them. they were supposed to be exclusive for a website, but it doesn't seem like the website is getting made)
  • shirley manson icons

also, i want to find a good graphics community to join, mostly for icons on all kinds of subject matters. i'm looking for a community that is active, friendly and high quality. if you've got any suggestions i'd really appreciate it!
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